Welcome to the Cosmic Ape Crew!

5000 Cosmic Apes on the Solana Blockchain destined to find their purpose. Building a safe community for new and experienced investors.

Cosmic Ape Crew

About the Crew

The Cosmic Ape Crew is a community and DAO based PFP project. Passionate about a clean profile pic, but also want to give investors more than just that. Staking will be implemented after mint is complete. 5000 Apes under the leadership of King Louie who will conquer the Cosmos.

Cosmic Ape Crew


Meet the Team

King Louie

King Louie

Community Manager

King Caesar

King Caesar

Artist and Project Leader


Where is the mint happening?

Right here on the website in the ‘Mint’ section.

When is mint?

Mint will be within the next week.

How much is mint?

The team want to make the mint affordable for new and experienced investors so are going to set our price at 0.05 SOL.

What are the plans for the project?

Most of our plans are in the future. We want to give people a reason to hold their apes and so will be launching staking straight after mint with the incentive of Raffles and provide a utility for your staking tokens.

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